Advertising and Marketing Policy

The editorial decisions of commercially sponsored publications and advertisements are separate and independent. The organization does not endorse any product or service featured in SARES and IJAST publications as an advertisement or promoted by a sponsor. The integrity of editorial content remains unaffected by financial or commercial interests and by any agreements with advertising clients or sponsors.

  • SARES and IJAST retain the prerogative to reject any form of advertising detrimental to the SARES and IJAST brand or incongruous with the content hosted on the SARES and IJAST network.
  • Advertising for products or services recognized as detrimental to health, such as tobacco and alcohol products, will not be accepted by SARES and IJAST.
  • Advertisements are required to be verifiable and may not be deceptive or misleading. Advertisements ought to prominently feature the advertiser and the advertised product or service. Copy that is inflated or uses ostentatious language will not be permitted. Indecent or objectionable advertisements, whether in text or artwork or those dealing with personal, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, or religious nature, will not be accepted.
  • Advertisements published online will be removed from the journal’s website at any time at the request of the Editor-in-Chief or Publisher.
  • Treatment-specific or drug-specific campaigns will not be permitted to be targeted to specific articles or pages containing content related to the advertised product on SARES or IJAST. Advertisers are prohibited from employing keyword links to articles, targeting advertising for a particular product solely on the condition that it appears in the exact location and at the same time as a specific article mentioning that product, and referencing articles published concurrently with the advertisement.
  • When submitting an advertisement, advertisers must provide SARES and IJAST with the marketing authorization and a summary of product characteristics when submitting an advertisement. Drug advertisements must include the complete generic name of every active constituent. It is essential to plainly label each page of an advertisement for a prescription-only medication as intended for health professionals.
  • Without being deceptive, all advertisements for drug-specific campaigns must promote the rational and proper use of the product.
  • The distinction between advertisements and editorial content must be crystal clear. “Advertorial” content will not be published in SARES or IJAST. Sponsored supplements should be appropriately labeled as such. It should be specified whether a supplement was not subjected to peer review or underwent a distinct peer-review process from the remainder of the journal.
  • There will be no influence of current or prospective sponsors and advertisers on editorial decisions, nor will marketing decisions impact editorial decisions. The outcomes of keyword and subject-based queries performed by users on the website are beyond the control or influence of advertisers and sponsors.
  • Requests for advertisements outside the standard advertising positions of SARES and IJAST should be directed to the editorial, which will provide a comprehensive and definitive decision within two business days.

Advertising complaints policy

Please see the complaints policy to contact us.

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