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IJAST, which is being published electronically, is a publication of the International Sustainable Aviation and Energy Research Society (SARES). IJAST is a non-profit scientific journal. IJAST, to raise awareness about sustainable aviation in the World, scientific studies, taking into account the ethics of science, industry and aims to deliver the shares to the public. IJAST is being published in june and december of every year, and it is aimed to become a journal which is scanned in national indexes in a short time. The language of the journal is English. After the manuscripts submitted to the journal are refereed, the articles with positive opinions will be published.

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Last Issue

Investigation on the Airworthiness of a Novel Tri-Rotor Configuration for a Fixed Wing VTOL Aircraft 

António Arco, José Lobo Do Vale, Sean Bazzocchi, Afzal Suleman

An Approach to Preliminary Design of a Quadrotor Cargo UAV 

Fikret Kamil Corbaci , Yunus Emre Dogan

Investigating Dynamic Behavior and Control Systems of the F-16 Aircraft: Mathematical Modelling and Autopilot Design

Masoud Norouzi, Elbrus Caferov

VPSA-Based Transfer Function Identification of Single DoF Copter System

Kübra Çiftçi, Muhammed Arif Şen, Hasan Huseyin Bilgic

Battery Technologies to Electrify Aviation: Key Concepts, Technologies and Figures

María Zamarreño Suárez, Francisco Pérez Moreno, Raquel Delgado-Aguilera Jurado, Rosa María Arnaldo Valdés, Víctor Fernando Gómez Comendador


Top 3 Cited Articles

1. A Review on Applications and Effects of Morphing Wing Technology on UAVs

Cevdet Özel , Emre Özbek, Selçuk Ekici, 


2. An Exploratory Study of Pilot Training and Recruitment in Europe

Lenard Mariyanov Adanov, Andrew Macintyre, Marina Efthymiou,


3. Sizing of a Turboprop Engine Powered High Altitude Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and It`s Propulsion System for an Assumed Mission Profile in Turkey

Ali Dinc,


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Message from the Presidents

International Journal of Aviation Science and Technology is an interdisciplinary, peer-revieved, scientific open access journal that focuses mainly on the theme of aviation and sustainability, addressing a broad audience. The aim of this journal is to bring together compilation, research, discussion, and criticism studies that link sustainability and aviation issues and to create an international knowledge. This journal accepts publications in aviation science, aircraft engineering, mechanical engineering, energy engineering, electrical-electronic engineering, material engineering, environmental engineering, architecture and many other applied sciences. In particular, it focuses on sustainable energy technologies, sustainable material technologies, green aircraft and green airports. In addition, other studies addressing issues related to sustainable aviation will be welcomed.

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